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enalytica is a consulting firm that specializes in applying contemporary analytics methods to generate unique understanding in the world of global energy. enalytica exists at the intersection of energy and technology, applying cutting-edge data analysis, modeling and visualization approaches to provide actionable insights in the world of global energy policy, strategy, economics and politics.

Whether through bespoke consultancy, retainer arrangements, or subscription offerings, enalytica is always focused on helping clients find clear, data-driven answers to specific questions that unlock value in the energy sector, like:

  • How should a government without a national oil company structure tax and equity ownership arrangements in a prospective LNG project to bring the greatest long-run benefit to its citizens?
  • What elements of the value chain are the most attractive for participation? What elements present hidden risks that are not sufficiently compensated?
  • How will a range of future macro- and microeconomic scenarios impact the value of a project, portfolio or company?
  • What markets offer the greatest potential in terms of future unmet demand?
  • What new projects can provide supply to meet long-term demand?
  • How will changes in government policy affect corporate behavior?


enalytica is founded by two experts from the former consultancy PFC Energy (acquired by IHS Inc. in 2013).

Janak Mayer

Before co-founding enalytica, Janak led the Upstream Analytics team at PFC Energy, focusing on fiscal terms analysis and project economic and financial evaluation, data management and data visualization.

Janak has modeled upstream fiscal terms in all of the world’s major hydrocarbon regions, and has built economic and financial models to value prospective acquisition targets and develop strategic portfolio options for a wide range of international and national oil company clients. He has advised Alaska State Legislature for multiple years on reform of oil and gas taxation, providing many hours of expert testimony to Alaska’s Senate and House Finance and Resources Committees.

Prior to his work as an energy consultant, Janak advised major minerals industry clients on a range of controversial environmental and social risk issues, from uranium mining through to human rights and climate change. He has advised bankers at Citigroup and policy-makers at the US Treasury Department on the management and mitigation of environmental and social impacts in major projects around the world, and has undertaken macroeconomic research with senior development economists at the World Bank and the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

Janak holds an MA with distinction in international relations and economics from from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), and a BA with first-class honors from the University of Adelaide, Australia.

Nikos Tsafos

Nikos Tsafos has worked in the private, public and non-profit sectors. At PFC Energy, Nikos played a pivotal role in turning the firm into one of the premier natural gas consultancies in the world, with responsibilities for business development, product design, consulting oversight and research direction. A widely recognized authority on energy, Nikos has worked in over 20 countries and has advised the world’s largest oil and gas companies on some of their most challenging projects; he has also authored over 170 client reports and has presented at industry events around the globe.

Prior to PFC Energy, Nikos was at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, DC where he covered political, economic, and military issues in the Gulf, focused on oil wealth, regime stability and foreign affairs. Before CSIS, he was in the Greek Air Force, and prior to his military service, Nikos worked on channeling investment from Greek ship-owners to Chinese shipyards.

Nikos has also written extensively on the Greek debt crisis. His book, Beyond Debt: The Greek Crisis in Context, was published in March 2013.

Nikos holds a BA with distinction in international relations and economics from Boston University and an MA with distinction in international relations from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).


Our team’s consulting experience includes projects on:

  • Gas commercialization / marketing strategy
  • Gas procurement strategy for gas / LNG importers
  • Gas / LNG project structures
  • Gas market potential for E&P entry strategy
  • Gas markets studies to support strategic planning / gas sales
  • Strategic communications
  • Project & portfolio financial evaluation
  • Fiscal terms advisory

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